There are two lectures on consciousness by world-class authorities here at Lund co-organized by CERCAP in September:
a)  "Consciousness: The Radical Plasticity Thesis" by Axel Cleeremans, Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group @ ULB, from 10-12 on the 22nd of September in Eden 119.

b)  A topic on hypnosis TBD, by Graham Jamieson, University of New England, from 10-12 on the 23rd of September in Eden 121.

Excellent new publications on research in parapsychology, perhaps foreshadowing a renewed interest in the field and strong support for the reality of psi phenomena under rigorously controlled conditions:

1) Meta-analysis of free-response studies, 1992-2008: Assessing the noise reduction  model in parapsychology by Storm, Tressoldi and Di Risio is an excellent re-analysis of psi research since 1992, it supersedes the variously criticized of Milton & Wiseman (1999) and, like it, is being published in one of the most stringent and respected journals in psychology, Psychological Bulletin.
Incidentally, the authors find that alterations of consciousness in selected groups are clearly related to psi performance, which is the research we have been carrying out here at CERCAP.

2) One of the foremost social psychologists of the last few decades, and a psi researcher to book, Daryl J. Bem, has in press a review of his various studies on precognition in one of the most prestigious psychology journals, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. At CERCAP we used one of Daryl's not-finalized protocols and found rather mixed results (Cardeña, E., Marcusson-Claverz, D., & Wasmuth, J. (2009). Hypnotizability and dissociation as predictors of performance in a precognition task: A pilot study. Journal of Parapsychology, 73, 137-158.).

3) A controlled study of anomalous information among selected mediums conducted by Emily Kelly is in press at the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.


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