1) In association with the Friends of Moderna Museet of Malmö(MMV) we present the series of talks Surrealisms. The series explores surrealist expressions in different areas, from film to music, from psychological perspectives, through artists in the exhibition and much more. Surrealisms with definite expressions within defined areas or different aspects of one SUPERSURREALISM?

9 October 6pm. Surrealisms: Psychology
Etzel Cardeña is professor of consciousness and anomalistic psychology at Lund University. Under the titleExploring other realities: altered states of conciousness, psi and surrealism he will talk about surrealisms relationship with psychology. (In English).

4 December 6 pm. Surrealisms: TheatreEtzel Cardeña returns to the museum, here in his role as the artistic director of the International Theatre of Malmö (ITM). We will be given an introduction to surrealist theatre and staged readings of the first act of If you please by André Breton and Philippe Soupault and the final act of When five years pass by Federico Garcia Lorca, with actors from ITM. (In English)

The lectures will be held at The Loading Dock, the only room open during the evening programme. Free admission for members of MMV, 50 SEK for others.

2) Lecture
Tid: 2012-10-16 kl. 10.00 
Sluttid: 2012-10-16 kl. 12.00 
Professor Raymond Tallis: "Aping Mankind: Neuromania and Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Mankind. Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity, chosen as one of the Books of the Year 2011 in the Guardian (David Lodge), Observer, and Evening Standard (George Walden), exposes the exaggerated claims made for the ability of neuroscience and evolutionary theory to explain human consciousness, behaviour, culture and society. Dr. Tallis has published research on clinical neurology as well as philosophy, poetry, and other areas.
Plats: Eden 121, Lund


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