A forthcoming lecture on a fascinating early figure in the study of psi:

Thursday Nov 14, 15.15-17, Paradisgatan 5P, room P206, Lund

The Perfect Insect of the Imaginal: Frederic Myers and the Evolution of the Human Imagination
Jeffrey J. Kripal, J. Newton Rayzor Professor, Rice University, USA 
Prof. Kripal will explore the intellectual roots of the contemporary category of the "paranormal" in Victorian university culture and the central figure of the Cambridge classicist Frederic Myers.  Prof. Kripal will also treat Myers' framing of the "imaginal" nature of psychical experiences and the reception history of this category in the work of Theodore Flournoy, C. G. Jung, and Henry Corbin.  Finally, he will also compare Myers with the American humorist Mark Twain, who was similarly fascinated by psychical phenomena. 


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