Etzel Cardeña's Updates

1) Etzel will talk on parapsychology (in Swedish) Thursday, November the 19th, at 17.15, Edens hörsal at Lund University.

2) Etzel will lecture (in Swedish) on Dissociaive Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment at the course on Trauma organized by Kris och Trauma Centrum in Stockholm.

3)  Recently Etzel became the Associate Editor of the Journal for Scientific Exploration and the Anthropology of Consciousness journal, the editor for the Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association, and a member of the editorial board for Zeitschrift für Anomalistik.

4) We will be carrying out hypnosis tests later in the Semester. Please check these pages later on for times and places.

5) A recent publication on innovation in research has a write-up in English and Swedish on some of Etzel's work. The significance of this lies in taking anomalous psychology as part of normal science, rather than as an esoteric theme. The link is at:

6) Three adaptation to radio theatre of Poe tales by Etzel (in Spanish) are downloadable now from México's National University at


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