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1) Congratulations to Devin Terhune who got the Nicholas T. Spanos Best Graduate Student paper this year for his thesis, which has already resulted in a number of important publications.

2) Lectures open to the public:

   a) Differential diagnosis between spiritual experiences and mental disorders

Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD, PhD

Research Center in Spirituality and Health, School of Medicine, Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), Brazil. Tuesday, May 3rd, 15.15, Paradisgatan 5P, room P-124, Lund

b) Is Compassion an Emotion?
Doctor Honoris Causa Paul Ekman, UC San Francisco, California, 
Thursday May 26th,  10.00-12.00, Eden's Auditorium, Paradisgatan 5H, Lund

c) Panel followed by a lecture, Monday the 30th of May, 13.15-17.00

Emotions, lies, and art: Transdisciplinary approaches to
Paul Ekman’s research topics

Evolution of emotions and (honest) signals in animals

Dennis Hasselquist, Professor, Biology

What makes an unhappy ending bearable?

Marianne Thormählen, Professor, English Studies

Emotions and lie detection

Farhan Sarwar, Lecturer, Psychology

What theatre has taught psychology

Etzel Cardeña, Thorsen Professor, Psychology


Facial signals and facial messages


Paul Ekman

3) As mentioned in my previous posting, my multidisciplinary edited books on altered states of consciousness is coming out in a few weeks and can already be ordered. Here is some information on the volumes:
Table of content
Volume 1. History, culture, and the humanities
Preface: Extending our knowledge of consciousness
Charles T. Tart
Altering consciousness: Setting up the stage
Etzel Cardeña
A paradigm for understanding altered consciousness: The integrative mode of consciousness
Michael Winkelman

Historical perspectives

Consciousness alteration practices in the West from Prehistory to late Antiquity
Yulia Ustinova

Spirit possession and other alterations of consciousness in the Christian Western tradition
Moshe Sluhovsky

Altered consciousness from the Age of Enlightenment through mid 20th century
Etzel Cardeña and Carlos S. Alvarado

Reconceptualizing the field of altered consciousness: A 50-year retrospective
Julie Beischel, Adam J. Rock, and Stanley Krippner

Cultural perspectives

Eastern approaches to altered states of consciousness
Jonathan Shear

Shamanism and the alteration of consciousness
Michael Winkelman

Altered consciousness in society
Charles Whitehead

Spiritual technologies and altering consciousness in contemporary counterculture
Graham St. John

The humanities

Altered consciousness in philosophy
Jennifer M. Windt

Altered consciousness in religion
Antoon Geels

Colored inklings: Altered states of consciousness and literature
Wendy Cousins

Altered consciousness in performance: West and the East
Phillip B. Zarrilli

Altered consciousness and modern art
Mark Levy

Time is the key: Music and altered states of consciousness
Jörg Fachner

Volume 2. Biological and psychological perspectives

Kenneth S. Pope
Introducing volume 2
Etzel Cardeña
Biological perspectives
Sleep, dreams, and other biological cycles as altered states of consciousness
Andrzej Kokoszka and Benjamin Wallace

Neurochemistry and altered consciousness
David E. Presti

Dopamine, altered consciousness, and distant space with special reference to shamanic ecstasy
Fred Previc

Transcendent experiences and brain mechanisms
Mario Beauregard

Altering consciousness through sexual activity
Michael Maliszewski, Barbara Vaughan, Stanley Krippner, Gregory Holler, and Cheryl Fracasso

DMT and human consciousness
Zevic Mishor, Dennis J. McKenna, and J. C. Callaway

LSD and the serotonin system’s effects on human consciousness
David E. Nichols and Benjamin R. Chemel

Peyote and meaning
Stacy B. Schaefer

Addiction and the dynamics of altered states of consciousness
Andrea E. Blätter, Jörg C. Fachner, and Michael Winkelman

Psychological perspectives

Altered consciousness and human development
Pehr Granqvist, Sophie Reijman, and Etzel Cardeña

Altered states of bodily consciousness
Sebastian Dieguez and Olaf Blanke

Altered consciousness and neuropathology
Quentin Noirhomme and Steven Laureys

Altered consciousness in emotion and psychopathology
Etzel Cardeña

Visionary spirituality and mental disorders
David Lukoff

Altered states of consciousness as paradoxically healing: An embodied social neuorscience perspective
Aaron L. Mishara and Michael A. Schwartz

Anomalous phenomena, psi, and altered consciousness
David Luke


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