two new editorials

a couple of editorials that criticize dogmatic biases (both for and against parapsychology) have just been published. distinguished duke u. psychologist mark leary discusses in in his editorial in explore “why are (some) scientists so opposed to parapsychology?“ four common unscientific claims/attitudes about parapsychological research, that it is a pseudoscientific affront to real science, that it does not meet standards of scientific rigor, that our lack of understanding its mechanisms makes it unscientific, and that it is a form of uncritical , pseudoscientific belief. he concludes that fear of the challenge to received metaphysical positions underlies many of these responses.
on my editorial “on wolverines and epistemological totalitarianism“ in the journal for scientific exploration i also discuss the various ways in which false skeptics use unscientific standards including being averse to knowledge, oversimplistic, pejorative, and so on.


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